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Full Training


At Scintilla Stables, we boast a competitive rate for our world class services. Our monthly full training and board fee of $900/month reflects what is necessary to elevate a horse to a high caliber athlete, and then maintain this high standard of nutrition, fitness, comfort and performance. Horses in this program will be trained 6 days per week.

Partial Training


The partial training rate is $700/month, which includes stall board. Horses in this program will be trained 3-4 days per week.   

What You Can Expect From Scintilla Stables

The training services entail daily training, one lesson per week for owner if desired, thorough daily grooming including clipping, work tack provided, turn-out if appropriate, ointments (i.e. hoof conditioner, liniments), common supplements (i.e. electrolytes), Purina outlast gastric support for any stress, blanketing when needed and horse laundry. your horse's well-being is our top priority! 

Workouts are timed and dictated by the individual horse's needs and abilities. Each horse is assessed on a daily basis. Likewise, if a new horse is sent to Scintilla Stables, we can make a fair and accurate appraisal of the horse's ability (talent and soundness) as well as desire to do a certain discipline or help find what the horse may be best suited to excel in. Typically within sixty days of professional training, the owner can be advised if the investment is worthwhile to proceed in training, or if it could be better allocated elsewhere. Training methods are varied throughout the week to keep horses fresh and of a sound of mind. The amount the horse is worked is determined by age, health, growth in training and other needs. The schedule and routine for your horse can be discussed in detail with Carly.

Specializing in young horses, finishing horses and everything in between. From ground work to under saddle to driving, Scintilla stables is a MULTI-DISCIPLINE facility with immense skill in each style and endless pride in the versatility that is offered.


*All breeds welcome : zero discrimination

  • Morgans, Saddlebreds, Dutch harness horses, Friesians, Arabian, Half- Arabians, Quarter horses, Thoroughbreds, Standardbreds, all breeds and sizes of ponies, drafts etc.

* Feral horses welcome, as we are safely set up to cater to untouched projects. Carly is TIP certified for the mustang enthusiasts! 

* YES we train gaited horses

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