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Carly Tedona

- Trainer & Owner - 

Born and raised in Ohio, Carly has returned home to open the doors of her facility to the public. She was born into a show horse family, and worked for and with several prominent names in the horse training business. She also enjoys all facets of equine reproduction.

As a second generation horsewoman, Carly works with riders from all backgrounds - from students in lesson programs, to horses and their owners - creating partnerships all the way up to the national and world level of showing. A true practitioner of handling horses based on classical concepts, working with the horse's nature, using an understanding of how horses think and communicate to train the horse to accept and work confidently and responsively with them. "I listen to the horse before I ever dictate my next move, on the ground, in the saddle or in the cart"- A horse should feel secure and safe in the learning process, as should any rider at Scintilla Stables. 

Carly has been at the forefront in many different breeds and across many different disciplines building riding academies across the country, developing horses of all disciplines and ages, and successfully producing quality riders and mounts for the show ring and home. 

Repurposing rescues is at the top of Carly's passions. 

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