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Our goal at Scintilla Stables is to provide an education for the equine enthusiast. Our lesson services program is based upon the principle of safety first. So come and enjoy with peace of mind while we teach you horsemanship as well as riding skills in our beautiful facility. We offer year round instruction for beginners through advanced riders. Our students typically are four years of age and older when they start. However, we do have riders that are as young as three years of age (lesson times are condensed for learning purposes).

Whether you’re interested in becoming a serious show ring competitor or simply wish to enjoy casual riding and instruction in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere, you are welcome in our lesson program. Our qualified instructor and hand picked horses will help you succeed in meeting your goals whatever they may be.

There is much more to true horsemanship than simply riding. With this in mind, students are required to learn how to properly groom and tack up their lesson horse. It is a good way to become familiar and therefore comfortable with the horse while you are learning the basics in horse care. In every lesson the student is advised to come early and to prepare the horse so they can start their lesson at the scheduled time. Parents are encouraged to observe and help their children.

All riders, but especially the novice rider will take a series of private lessons first. Each lesson is ½ hour in length and is taught individually to ensure full attention and supervision of the rider. During these lessons, the student will be taught basic skills in communication with the horse. When the rider has accomplished certain goals, he/she may advance to a group lesson. As with all sports, the more frequently you ride, the faster you will advance.

Group lessons are 50 mins in length and will be comprised of 2 to 3 riders. Warming up and cooling down for horse and rider requires a few minutes at the beginning and end of each lesson. Students will be placed in groups according to age and ability. There will be several different times during the week available for the age appropriate lessons. You also have the option of riding indoors or outside depending on weather conditions.

Scintilla Stables takes pride in providing all of our clients with a myriad of ways to expand his or her horse knowledge and enjoyment. To this end, we offer many different types of activities for children and adults throughout the year.


Some of these activities include:

Horsemanship Camp

Local showing (i.e., Winter Tournaments)

Academy showing at our Show Horse shows 

Equitation Clinics

Adult Clinics

Summer & Winter Camps

Informational Meetings for Parents


Lesson guidelines

  •  lessons include grooming and saddling time – plan on actual riding time to be approximately half an hour for private and 50 mins for group.

  • If you would like to prepare your own horse, please come at least 15 minutes before your scheduled lesson, otherwise please give notice you wont have enough time so that you are not late.

  • Please arrive on time to help us keep up with our schedule. If you arrive more than 10 minutes late for your scheduled lesson then your lesson may be cancelled and rescheduled. If you cannot attend your lesson, please call Scintilla Stables at least one day in advance.

  • Liability Releases must be signed before any lessons, camp, or special events (please see below).

  • Private and group lessons are available Monday-Saturday by appointments.

  • An individual lesson is required for children 6 years and under and all new to Scintilla Stables.

Recommended Attire

  • Wear long pants or jeans (even in the summer – please, no shorts, as they can cause severe chafing).

  • Chaps or jodhpurs are a good idea if you are interested in more than general exercise. (Please see website links for helpful ideas and stores.)

  • Boots or shoes with a hard sole and heel are suggested – no sandals or slip-on shoes.

  • Gloves are needed in the winter and recommended in the summer.

  • If you have long hair, please tie it back (even with helmets).

  • Riding helmets are required for all lessons at Scintilla Stables. We do have many helmets available for your use, or you may sign a waver if over 18. You can download the waiver below.

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