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Scintilla Stables

Home of Scintilla Riding Academy

Prepare, Persist, Perform, Prevail


Our Mission at Scintilla

At Scintilla stables we are built on love, compassion, and belonging. We believe that every animal and every person has a purpose here and we strive to unveil that purpose every day. 

Scintilla Stables' owners and employees are sensitive to each client's individual needs. To best serve these needs, we maintain an open-door policy. We encourage clients to approach us with any questions and/or concerns at any time. The result is a positive, energetic atmosphere where comfort and fun are paramount for improvement and the learning process. We invite you to contact us with any questions about our services, facility or staff.


We believe that every person should be given the opportunity to experience life from the back of a horse.

Thank you for considering Scintilla Stables for your horse and family!

Now Accepting New Clients!

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